Big Boys Toys 2011 Rc Drift Demo

Big Boys Toys 2011 Rc Drift Demo

Just a video i shot at the last minute of big boys toys. Rc drift demo. taken on a phone camera so quality not the best lol. big shot to percy and sky and dspec for getting a mean track and spot in the show.
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big boys toys shovel and dump truck

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  1. 12ppppppppp says:

    1 gostei massa

  2. aaronrandom1 says:

    just go to your local hobby shop or i reckon rcmart is a good website

  3. Biggie3207 says:

    hey do u know where i can get a drift rc car.. cause every online store is always out of stock. thx. and cool vid.

  4. aaronrandom1 says:

    haha na the show we where at was called big boys toys. and shit. got a video?


    im a kid and i have a fast rc car that goes 70mp!!so their not big boy toys their middle age toy for 15-and above!!

  6. 3befreaky1 says:

    Where is this place

  7. YabonX says:

    coole Drifts

  8. indegruv says:

    Big boys toys, lol. Grow up.

  9. MovingStairs says:

    First Centurion controlled machine in Australasia.

  10. phmining says:

    Some XPB’s were indeed fitted with an 82 yard dipper, but likely this one is the more common 73 yard version.

  11. MakaylaQhyj says:

    We bring you real Russian women online now

  12. webpetersonbr says:

    poor Cat T_T

  13. generationll says:

    That looks like white Euclid hauler.The 4100XPB’s bucket can handle about 80 yards

  14. SWRGRUNTA says:

    yeah mate thats correct
    bloody big trucks

  15. MiningMan says:

    Exellent view of this 4100XPB !
    It seems to load an EH4500, no ?

  16. SWRGRUNTA says:

    callide, biloela inland from gladstone in queesland australia

  17. mikediggers says:

    where is this mine superb work